What InternMee Does

InternMee is an online platform that connects high school students with companies offering internship, leadership and volunteering opportunities. Unlike the Western world, Indian students are yet to see a robust ecosystem of internships. Our mission is to accelerate students’ journeys into the corporate world by giving them access to the right network and exposure to an array of professions.

Our interactive platform connects midsize to large corporates, student-run organisations, start-ups and NGOs across sectors with high school students from around India. Through our platform, organizations get the opportunity to engage and interact with the youth of today. Young interns provide valuable support and assistance to these organizations’ employees.
At InternMee, we believe that internships play a significant role in exposing students to the dynamics of the real working world. Additionally, any work experience contributes to a student’s preparation for life after school. Internships give these young minds an insight into potential career paths, enabling them to explore potential interests and skills in search of their ikigai  (where one's passion intersects with profession).


InternMee is a platform that aims to connect high school students (ages 14 to 18) with companies offering internship opportunities. With an intent to address the rising demand for these opportunities, we tie-up with organisations in various fields. Through our platform, we enable the youth’s beyond-the-classroom learning by offering appropriate job experience opportunities to students, while simultaneously providing organisations with enthusiastic interns.

Shloka Ashok.HEIC


Shloka is a budding entrepreneur whose interest in business inspired her to start InternMee. Shloka is a talented musician and a travel and photography enthusiast. Her personal experience with internships motivated her to make such opportunities available to her peers and she believes that her interest in entrepreneurship is the avenue to an exciting learning and professional journey ahead.

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Tara’s enthusiasm to serve the high school community, coupled with her business sense, is what fuels her zeal to build InternMee. She believes that in line with the Western world, Indian organizations need to enter into the culture of high school internships. Besides being a national level Squash player, she dabbles in event management and Kathak as well. However, connecting with people is what she loves above all!

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