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InternMee is an online platform that connects high school students with companies offering internship, leadership and volunteering opportunities. Our mission is to give students access to the right network, exposure to various careers and opportunities, and ultimately accelerate their journeys into the work world.

Our platform is ideal for mid-size to large companies, student-run organizations, start-ups, and NGOs across sectors. At InternMee, we believe that internships are effective experiences for exposing students to the realities of life as a working professional. Additionally, any work experience contributes to a student’s readiness for life after school. Internships allow these young minds an insight into potential career paths, enabling them to explore their interests and aptitudes in search of their ikigai (where one’s passion intersects with one’s career).

Meet the Team

Shloka Ashok

Chief Executive Officer

Tara Kapur

Chief Operations Officer

Ayush Anand

Chief Technology Officer

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