June 27, 2007

About Candidate

Hi! My name is Samaira Sachdev and am a student at DPS International, Gurugram. As part of building a good profile for college as well as dedicating my time to worthy causes, I would like to pariticipate in internships where I can express my opinion and share it with the world. I am a hardworker, easily contactable, and believe to have a way with words! Content creation on topics that interest me would certainly be one of my skills and I would love to be able to work with any organisation that is able to share the same beliefs as I do!



High School Graduating in 2025
DPS International

An IB institution where we are encouraged to place "service before self" as it is the contributions that one makes to the community that truly build a stable society.


Banglaore JMUN Best Delegate 2022
As part of the United Nations Security Council Committee, I was able to secure the position of Best Delegate.
High Commendation in Lancers MUN 2020
As part of the UNHRC, I was able to secure high commendation in a competitive committee as the delegation of Nepal.