May 4, 2000

About Candidate

Hi! Maria here; I’m now an 11th-grade student. Legal studies, psychology, economics, English, and political science make up my humanities major.
I want to practise corporate law.
Prior to enrolling in law school, I intend to major in political science. After I finish my 12th grade, I intend to study in Singapore or the UK.
Just like everyone else I have weaknesses too, I’m talking about being self-critical of my own abilities. My self-esteem was affected by this, but I’ve been working on it and things are going well so far. I’d like to discuss my strengths in addition to my faults. I believe I would make a wonderful leader because of my great time management and communication abilities. I think effective communication is the best way to resolve a situation. I am also quite sure of my abilities and my abilities. like singing, dancing, illustrating, and taking pictures. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself the finest cook, I enjoy cooking and picking up new languages.
Additionally, I take a particular interest in a number of societal concerns and work to stay as up-to-date on current events as I can. And I make an effort to support others, do my part, and inform those around me about the different world challenges.

You can reach me on Instagram by following me at @maria_elizabeth_sajith on Instagram
or my Gmail @lilisajith04@gmail.com