Student Grade 12 IB School
February 26, 2005

About Candidate

Student at Pathways School Grade 12 IB.

Volunteered for research on women history in sports and sexism at Ilham Inclusive & POSH foundation for fund raising and raising awareness regarding caring for stray and homeless dogs.

I have taken courses for certification in fashion communication, counterSpeech Fellowship and in Design and Innovation from ISDI Mumbai.

I have interned atChale Kare Foundation as a Graphic Design Intern, Campus Ambassador for IIMUN, Design Intern at Avtaar Education and as a content writer for Ilhaam Inclusive.


Work & Experience

Graphic design intern and Graphics management 2021-07-06 - 2022-06-28
Chal Kare Welfare Foundation

I worked as a Graphic design intern initially and then moved on to Graphics management, where I overlooked the graphics being sent in and managed online posts on the Instagram page of Chal Kare Foundation

campus ambassador
India's International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN)

I worked as a campus ambassador at IIMUN. I contacted people to join online UN conferences and take part in online debates. I helped in publicizing the official IIMUN Instagram page. I was able to enhance my social skills and build connections

Design Intern
Avtaar Education

I worked at Avtaar Education as a design intern. I worked on a number of task that were based on design and research. I pitched in new ideas that would make their social media pages more interesting. I created a number of sketches for the employees speak at Avtaar and I made various post that can be viewed on the Avtaar’s social media profiles. I even carried out research work for Instagram posts. Doing these projects allowed the company to have a wide audience to influence through their social media pages. I did this through designing posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Content creator
Ilhaam Inclusive

I carried out a number of research tasks and created content for these takes, based on women’s history in sports, the origin of sexism, and toxic masculinity in everyday life. Examples of my work can be viewed on the official social media pages of Ilhaam inclusive. I gained an immense amount of knowledge and a number of skills allowing to build me as a person