December 15, 2006

About Candidate

Hi! I am Kaira and I study in Neev Academy Bangalore. I am currently in 10th grade and am 15 years old. I am looking forward to finding new internship opportunities. I am really interested in decorating, interior design, fashion, event planning and baking! I love to bake in my free time and try new recipes and also am a sucker for some good music. I love to work creatively and design for fun and to market in terms of handling social media and keeping up with the trends! I think I am really good at leadership and know how to handle a crowd if I get to know them! I come out to be very shy to many people but once you get to know me there is no going back! Through this I really want to expand my horizon and find myself opportunities that can benefit me as I am just starting 🙂



School 2007-2022
Neev Academy

Work & Experience

Amarte 06/09/2021

Graphic Designer

Mysticklaa 12/16/2021

Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer