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We are Art Helps Hearts, a student-led organization dedicated to making a difference through art. Our volunteers create artwork that is sent to those in need, such as hospital patients, senior citizens, and so on. We offer a variety of opportunities that volunteers can participate in with a reward of service hours. Since we were founded as the COVID-19 pandemic began, we strive to be a community not only where one can create art and bring a smile to somebody else’s face, but also where our volunteers can be comfortable with sharing and learning virtually as a community.

As a volunteer, you will not be subject to a certain length of participation or committer amount of hours per week. Your involvement revolves around your interest, time, and so on. Submitted art may be a painting, drawing, sketch, digital art, etc. Your artwork may be submitted virtually through our Google Classroom system, or you may send it through the mail. There are no rules a to what you create as long as submitted artwork is appropriate and smile-worthy. As we continue to diversify, quotes, writing, messages, etc. may be included with your artwork or submitted on their own.

There are many opportunities for you to earn volunteer hours. Each piece of submitted artwork is worth one volunteer hour unless otherwise stated. You may participate in extra opportunities, such as referring friends, participating in contests, or volunteering for special collaborations. We offer seasonal internship positions and plan on opening chapter leadership positions over the summer.