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About Company

Ayka is an online-based distribution/magazine that covers a wide scope of issues and subjects, including worldwide news on amusement and lifestyle. Established in 2021, Ayka has been at the forefront of everyday news and aims to produce content that attracts readers of all interests, be it fashion, music, history, or even technology.

Ayka takes pride in being a versatile and inclusive platform. As we combine first-class reporting with extraordinary content and visuals, it is our aim for Ayka to be a platform for prime content. At Ayka, we put stock in straightforwardness and believe in transparency. We aim at curating media that appease audiences from all walks of life. Ayka praises you and your art and is just about as obvious as a straightforward body.

Apart from releasing a certain number of articles each week, we also release 2 issues in a year focusing on different subjects each time, like fashion, beauty, mental health, news, sports, just to name a few! Ayka’s sole purpose is to inform, educate and entertain. We deliver to the point articles to meet the diverse needs of our beloved readers.

Regardless of whether you are searching for the latest style or need new vacation spots, Ayka is just one read away from it all.