Eventkarm Media and Entertainment LLP

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About Company

Eventkarm is a website that caters to entrepreneurs and businesses. We provide the customers and promotions at the same time. One of the key factors of success can be attributed to our multi-vendor platform which is loved by both vendors and customers because it creates an environment where they can promote each other’s services, thereby facilitating more people to be introduced to their services.
Our mission is simple: we want people from all over the world to enjoy what our platform has to offer. Our platform has everything that a vendor needs as a start-up or someone who wishes to expand their business in this digital era.

We are a digital marketing platform that helps you to create and manage your events.
We have a multi-vendor platform that allows the implementation of events for multiple vendors and we can also help vendors to create catalogs, websites, social media content among others at break-neck speed.

We’re located in India but our services are available globally. Let us know how we can help you grow your business using eCommerce today!

Eventkarm has unleashed many successful events in the industry by providing cutting-edge solutions to clients across India and worldwide. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed through our Event Marketing Solutions.

Eventkarm has been preferred by clients as one of the top event management solutions in India, specifically for its track record in creating successful events for clients across industry verticals, with a vast amount of success for its amazing work done.