Pitch Labs

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About Company

Pitch Labs is a 501(c) nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the knowledge they need to start and expand their companies. We are working towards accomplishing this goal by building a community of like-minded students and scholars to work with the common goal of building an expansive library of knowledge on the internet surrounding various topics regarding business, establishing numerous school clubs, and holding events for entrepreneurs and club members to learn more about administering a successful business. Regardless of industrial experience, Pitch Labs welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and does not discriminate against age, gender, color, creed, ethnicity, or LGTBQIA+.

Offered Positions:

  1. Grant Writers
  2. Article Writers
  3. Article Ideators
  4. Graphic Designers
  5. Marketers
  6. Event Coordinators
  7. Curriculum Developer
  8. Full Stack Developers
  9. Discord Bot Developers
  10. Human Resource Officers
  11. Discord Community Managers
  12. SEO Specialists

Work Expectations:

As a student-led workforce, we understand that our interns and volunteers have tight schedules and uncompromising deadlines, so we only expect them to dedicate a minimum of 3 to 5 hours of work to Pitch Labs on their assigned tasks.


To reward our interns and volunteers for their hard work, we provide them with a G-Suite account to enjoy complimentary access to Grammarly Business, Canva Premium (for Marketing Department), and Adobe Premium (for Marketing Department). Additionally, we have arranged an extensive library of certified training courses for interns to refine their industrial and professional skills. Finally, we provide our interns and volunteers with letters of recommendation, if requested, and promotional opportunities.