Social Media Marketing

June 7, 2022

Job Description

About the Job:

Use of various social media platforms to create awareness drives about Aashman Foundation, managing of exisiting profiles.

Duration: 3 Months

Note: This is an unpaid internship

Key Responsibilities:
1st Month:
1) Day 1: Learning about Aashman Foundation
2) 21 days: Milk Bank Campaign (Raise funds/support for children in need to provide milk to cope with malnutrition)
3) 10 days: Collaboration with Influencers/bloggers

2nd Month:
1) 7 days: Social Launch on any given social cause by us/enhance Brand Reach among people
3) 21 days: Share your Happiness campaign (Register individuals to celebrate their happiness with the foundation)

3rd Month:
1) 11 days: Intellectual Express
2) 10 days: Sign-up campaign
3) 5 days: Team goal (line-ups shall decide a social goal among themselves and work together for an effective solution)
4) 5 days: Dil Khol Kar Dekho (do a good deed, make a video and send it to us)


If really interested fill out the google form link and put the name “Vedant Bharate” in referred by section.