Shree Swami Sarang Global Peace FoundationShree Swami Sarang Global Peace Foundation

June 3, 2022

Job Description

Shree Swami Sarang Global Peace Foundation was incorporated in 2018.

It’s main objectives are:

  • To create peaceful local, national and global communities .
  • To build peaceful relationships among people all communities, people of all age and cultures –from personal to global – through education, research and development.
  • World free of nuclear weapons through smart advocacy, innovative approach and some real credibility.
  • Build regional peace and security.
  • To hold cultural events
  • To work for peace, disarmament and social justice
  • Providing financial assistance to the needy students to pursue their education
  • Providing medicines, special diets and expert services from doctors/specialists.
  • Helping other orphanages/destitute homes.
    Set up hospitals, clinics, etc. For providing medical facilities to the needy and poor.
  • To promote peace issues and initiatives actively through the media/event
  • Eradication of hunger and run programs for feeding the needy
  • To promotes skill development activities and promote entrepreneurship