June 20, 2022

Job Description

Research about topics handed out by management weekly that will be posted later in the magazine
We have Two types of researchers :
– Researchers who do research on topics like news, education ,health
require radical views and not biased opinions
Stance based Writing

– Content Writers- Research on topics like lifestyle, culture, essays, blogs
Require personal Touch

Note: The internship is only for people aged between 13-23 years of age.
The internship is unpaid.
Further more description of roles will be done in the interview.

Procedure for enrolment
1) Fill the form (it’ll be mailed to you)
2)Interview with the MD
3)we will send a confirmation of your internship through email or WhatsApp within 72 hours.

Note: We will be giving certificates and Letter of Recommendation to students at the end of internships
Once hired, we will be giving you an offer letter
We will also be carrying out interviews internally to decide the department heads!