Outreach Team Member

June 4, 2022

Job Description

The goal of this team is to reach out to various organizations and to spread the word about us. We usually use various social media platforms and email in this. This team would also contact schools and partners with any updates to our organization if they’re interested and contact schools for new team members and events members.

You need to reach out to organizations for collaborations, partnerships, or spreading the word about us. We’ll reach out to them once or twice a month. You may also reach out to any newsletters, companies, and magazines to advertise us. Before reaching out, please contact our CCO and make sure this is an organization TSB would like to work with. The best is to advertise us through social media, the platform that everyone uses! Through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord servers, and more! Please follow the email templates and Discord message templates. You will also be asked to spread the word of TSB in your school/community. Make sure to Slack and Google Drive frequently to keep up to date with your assignments and any announcements.