June 5, 2022

Job Description

Please use external link when filing interest. Can be found at the end of application.

These articles will be published on the website with separate categories. Advice for STEAM  students, help with inspiration, ways to get better in a certain STEAM area, etc. These articles will be published biweekly. They will help TSB with trying to create amazing work that we will be proud of!

You will be writing two articles per month. They will have to follow one of the categories outlined. You will choose a topic of the article and write up a draft of what it will be about and what will be included. After turning that draft in on Slack, you may describe how you envisioned the article cover for our graphic designers to create. Then, you’ll be writing up the article, peer editing, and turning it in! Make sure to check Slack and Google Drive frequently to keep up to date with your assignments and any announcements.