Importance of Internships

Without question, doing an internship would definitely be extremely beneficial on many fronts and would provide students with an opportunity to hone their skills and discover new talents. Not yet convinced? Let’s explore some advantages of internships. But before we do, let’s establish one thing - do not limit yourself to internships; they are several volunteering opportunities as well. Additionally, you could consider applying for a leadership position in an organization. For example, roles like leading a team of content writers or graphic designers. Note that each role entails a different skill set. We’ll have a look at this too.

- Gain skills and experience

Internships are an excellent way to learn new skills. For example, if you are passionate about writing and are motivated to develop your writing prowess, find content writing internships. Work on projects that offer unique, exciting opportunities. There are multiple types of writings –personal opinions and experiences write-ups, informative and factual articles, grant writing, pieces that spread positivity and optimism, etc. Each type of submission calls for a different repertoire of skills. So build that! Do different internships that challenge you and force you to come out of your bubble. It will only help you improve. Furthermore, in the process, you acquire vital experience, which is something colleges and employers may look for – self-driven, motivated individuals hungry for knowledge.

Furthermore, volunteering for NGOs generally always includes an aspect of fundraising for a cause. Having a wide network is beneficial for such projects, and you learn the pivotal skills of persuasion and communication.

- Professional network

This is one of the most thrilling benefits of interning. Establishing a professional network – how cool! In the future, you can reach out to the professionals you worked with to get information – be it on how the industry functions or advice on what you could do further to build your skill set or guidance on jobs and careers. You will get an opportunity to refine your communication skills, learning how to interact in a formal, concise, yet engaging manner.

Working for NGOs or in a leadership position, too, will help build an extensive network, including one with friends and professionals alike.

- Making a well-thought-out career decision

At the school level, we only learn concepts. There’s little chance to delve into the professional world.

Interested in Economics or Business Studies? Do an internship with Market Research agencies or Economists or even a newspaper specializing in Economics of Business News. Venture. Discover. Your internship will give you a taste of what the professional world looks like and whether it is the right fit for you.

Or is medical more of your thing? Do an internship in the field of medicine, then! Believe it or not, internships have been eye-opening for countless students. For example, they discover that they cannot bear the sight of blood or that odour in the lab! Others realize that although they are deeply passionate about Biology, they would like not to pursue it as a career, rather as a hobby.

You don’t want to be one of those people who later in life regrets his career path, right? So grab your chance, for who knows, it may never come again!

- It’s lots of fun!

Think about it, you would be doing something that piques your interest and arouses your curiosity, while delving into the professional space at the same time. Wouldn’t that be fun? Additionally, with CBSE, ICSE, and the IGCSE May/June series cancelled, several of you have a big summer vacation ahead, waiting to be used. Besides, what’s more fun and rejuvenating than stepping out of your comfort zone!

In addition, it feels rewarding. Whether you do an internship or work for an NGO, you are bound to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end, be it because you have done something for society or because you have learnt some useful skills and information about your future career field.

What’s more, Letters of Recommendation and Certificates of Experience look great on college applications and resumes! They tell colleges that you have contributed and worked with companies that interest you, giving them an impression that you are a passionate, fervent individual eager to learn and one who grabs any opportunity available.

Now, the disheartening part is that there are not readily accessible internship opportunities for high-school students, especially in India. However, at InternMee, we recognize this and have solved this problem. We offer internships and community service opportunities (working for NGOs) for high-school students. Click on the “Postings” page and find the internship that works best for you. So, do not waste time making excuses. Jump right into it. Happy interning!

By Aarushi Garg